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What do you mean, "Git Gud?"

Want to run a better 40 yard dash? Want to dunk a basketball? Want to drag a 737 commercial jet liner down the tarmac with your teeth? The solution is simple. Git Gud.

Man single arm overhead kettle bell press. Strong fixes almost everything. Git Gud.
How do you get better at the single arm overhead press? Git Gud.

Git Gud Scrub

This is a typical scenario of an athlete who comes to train with us. We ask them what their goal is.

They respond, "uh... I want to get faster."

Ok, great. Let's get you faster. It's a vague response. I mean, there are different types of speed. Reaction speed, linear speed, lateral speed, chasing ice cream truck speed, etc. But whatever. Faster is the goal. We put them through an evaluation, we get their baseline, we set up their training schedule. Let's get after it.

Reality hits after the first session. Getting faster is hard work. Not the puke your guts all over the grass hard work, but trying to learn and perform drills that are completely foreign to anyone who hasn't done speed training. It's frustrating. Then complaining ensues.

"I can't do this."

"This is hard."

"I feel stupid."

So we ask them the question, "Do you want to get faster?"

"Yeah, that's why I'm here!"

"Then GIT GUD."

It's a Process

To Git Gud is to accept that you are currently bad and that you must put in many hours of practice and repetition in order to finally be good. It's not mythical. It's not a secret. It's a reality check. And those who give up after a few weeks of inconstant attendance because they aren't Usain Bolt yet are failing to do one thing--Git Gud. It's a process. It takes time and patience. It can be frustrating learning a new skill, but a great mentor once told me:

"You're not allowed to be frustrated at anything that you have not yet mastered."

You just have to trust that process. If you practice something everyday, it is a universal certainty that you will Git Gud. It doesn't just apply to sports. It applies to life. And video games, which is where this term was stolen, but I digress.

Coach's Answer

The next time you think to yourself, why am I not getting faster? Why am I not getting stronger? Why am I not losing weight? Let the little coach inside your head tell you that you need to Git Gud. Keep working. Keep getting after it. Keep learning. Educate yourself. Master the things that are required to meet your goals, and you will catch that ice cream truck.

Git Gud, kid.

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